Alliance of Mercy acts to bring human dignity to every corner of the world.

Assisting mainly the population in extreme vulnerability, fighting hunger, misery, lack of shelter and helplessness, offering free education, reception, assistance and professionalization to all the public served.

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“The Alliance really came for the little ones, for the poor, for the oppressed, for those that nobody wants to look at...”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best date to donate?

Due to the banking experience, we suggest that donations be made before the last business day of the month, ensuring that your donation enters the current month. Feel free to donate on dates that best fit with your personal planning, such as the 5th or the 10th.

Can I donate every month?

Clear! Your donation is fundamental for the sustainability and maintenance of our projects, in the most diverse areas such as education, assistance, in addition to the entire administrative part.

Where can I donate?

You can choose the best way to donate, whether by debit, credit, boleto, bank transfer, pix. You can make your donation clicking here, or registering as monthly donor. In case of clothing, food, materials or furniture, you can contact us by email:

How can I change my address or change my registration?

You can contact our Relationship Center, available to change your address, change the form of contribution or other change in your registration. In addition, you can send PIX receipts for specific actions and campaigns, request cancellation or pause your donation, or ask other questions about your donations. 

Please contact us at
or over the phone (11) 99665-5599.

How to receive the duplicate of a ticket?

If you have not received your mail for the month, or if you would like a duplicate of your bill, please contact the Relationship Center:

How can I volunteer?

Your help is welcome! You can contact us, talking about your interest and area of knowledge that can contribute to our projects and missions by email
“No one is so poor that they don't have something to give, nor so rich that they don't have something to receive”
George Lopes

How do you prefer to donate?

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