The Family Social Assistance and Basic Social Protection at Home Service (SASF) Centro Maria Paola has been operating for 10 years in the neighborhood of Jaraguá, in the city of São Paulo.

It aims to strengthen the protective role of the family, preventing injuries that may cause the breaking of family and social ties, developing actions that contribute to the development and promotion of autonomy and also actions with the elderly and people with disabilities to prevent confinement and isolation. , through social protection at home.


Offer activities of a socio-educational, participatory and collaborative nature, specific strategies capable of enriching and expanding the personal, social and community dimensions with the aim of strengthening self-esteem, socio-community bonds, the development of skills and potential of each individual.

The work that the SASF carries out is of paramount importance within its scope of coverage, because, through home visits, it acts to prevent future disruptions of family ties, agreeing with families on the best activities to be carried out by each member of the family composition, Children from 0 to 3 years old are covered by our service through weekly visits in which we work on child development and the creation of bonds between the baby and their caregivers.

How it works?

The service is assisted by social workers, a psychologist and a pedagogue who, together, provide users with the possibility of expanding their knowledge, guidance and support, in addition to income generation workshops and socio-educational meetings.

All these activities are aimed at stimulating the user and strengthening bonds.

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Help us bring more human dignity to every corner of the world.

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