Mar 27 | 5 min

Turn your Income Tax into Hope and Opportunity for CCA São Domingos Sávio

Mar 26 | 5 min

Welcome and transformation: Striking actions in the month of March celebrate Women and Strengthening Bonds

Mar 27 | 5 min

New: Casa Restaura-me in São Paulo launches Podcast



Aliança offers free activities for children, teenagers and adults in Senador Camará
The Fraternity of the Alliance of Mercy in Senador Camará, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, is promoting an initiative that promises to bring hope...



ALLEA olive oil: inspiration and social transformation in Barbacena
Aliança de Misericórdia is proud to present ALLEA Olive Oil, a product that goes beyond a refined and unique flavor: it is a symbol of hope...



Turn your Income Tax into Hope and Opportunity for CCA São Domingos Sávio
It's time to declare your Income Tax, and did you know that you can allocate part of it to social causes? This year, the Alliance of Mercy con...
Conscious Income Tax: Contribution That Transforms Lives
Brazil, with its more than 11 thousand favelas and around 16 million people living in them, faces complex challenges, especially in the largest areas...
June 19
Campaign "Donate Hope": On cold days, find out how your donation can warm lives on the streets
In recent days, several cities in the country have faced an intense cold wave, leading to tragic situations, such as the loss of people's lives...
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