Confidential Channel

Ethics and transparency are one of the pillars that sustain the values of the Associação Aliança de Misericórdia.

Ethical Relationship Channel - Your voice is important!

At our entity, transparency and ethics are fundamental values that guide all our actions. In partnership with OUVIDOR DIGITAL, we offer a safe environment for complaints, reporting situations of ethical violence or inappropriate behavior, where integrity is paramount.

OUVIDOR DIGITAL pre-processes complaints, ensuring the confidentiality and security of reports on an external platform.

We understand the importance of listening and acting in the face of any irregularities, which is why we encourage everyone to use this channel to contribute to maintaining a healthy and ethical environment in our entity.

To access our Ethical Relationship Channel and make your report securely and confidentially, Click here or access via WhatsApp (31) 8947-7889.

We count on your collaboration to build a more ethical and transparent community together. Your participation is essential!

You can register anonymously or identified.

If you agree to identify yourself, you will be contacted to clarify possible doubts about the report provided. Remembering that the veracity of the reported information is the responsibility of the reporter.

Identified findings are very important for a quick and objective investigation process. All information is treated confidentially and your identity will be protected.

To make an identified record, fill in the email field. If you want to register anonymously, leave the email field blank.


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