People in Street Situation

Coexistence Centers

The Coexistence Centers, called “Casa Restaura-me”, provide homeless people with basic and primary needs, such as food and hygiene, which is the main objective of users.

However, by attending the space, participating in training, interacting with employees, missionaries and volunteers, they begin a process of recognizing their qualities, abilities, weaknesses and limitations. Participants reflect on their life and at this stage and can request to be welcomed to a place for recovery from chemical dependency or even by calling the family. Thus, the methodology generates the restoration of the human and facilitates a qualified departure from the streets.

The Centers also offer social, legal, psychological and medical assistance (assistance carried out by volunteers or partnerships), professional courses, sports, cultural, recreational and pedagogical activities, basic health guidelines, pressure measurement and dressings; referral to the social assistance network for the preparation of documents (RG, CPF, birth certificate) and guidelines for requests for benefits, pensions and court orders.

Priority is given to creating a bond with users. From the Individual Assistance Plan, the importance of listening is what strengthens trust and establishes mutual respect. The rules are constituted by the institution together with the Council (representatives of the users), who present the proposals to be voted on by all in the Assembly, the effect is to stimulate democratic participation, reconnection of the individual as a citizen of law and the possibility of coexistence socially and community healthily.

Faced with the adversity of the Covid-19 pandemic, basic food and hygiene activities are maintained and respect the guidelines of the World Health Organization, the others remain in accordance with health releases. Discover the stories and how Casa Restaura-me works:

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Help us bring more human dignity to every corner of the world.

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