Capela São Marcos participates in the Strong Families Program

Capela São Marcos in Taipas, entered into a partnership with the federal government to strengthen families, now we are part of Famílias Fortes.

This program, recognized for its effectiveness in promoting family well-being, consists of a series of seven weekly meetings, aimed specifically at families with children between 10 and 14 years old.

The main objective of the program is to promote the strengthening of family protection and construction processes, through the program A Capela São Marcos offers support and resources to families at all stages of their children's development.

During meetings, participants have the opportunity to engage in activities carefully designed to meet the needs of both parents and children.

Initially, parents and guardians meet separately to receive guidance on how to clarify expectations based on youth developmental norms, adopt appropriate disciplinary practices, manage emotions toward their children, and improve family communication.

Meanwhile, children participate in sessions aimed at developing essential skills for personal and social interaction. They learn to set meaningful goals, follow rules, recognize parenting difficulties and strengths, deal with external pressures, identify positive role models, and offer support to others.

In the second part of the meetings, parents and children meet together to practice the skills learned. These sessions provide a safe environment to resolve conflicts, promote family cohesion and encourage children's positive involvement in family dynamics.

Discover some testimonies from families who were reached by the actions of Aliança de Misericórdia in the São Marcos chapel:

Marli Soares Ramos has been a resident of the Botuquara region for over 20 years, but suffering from the lack of employment and her husband's alcoholism, she fell into a serious state of depression, no longer saw meaning in life, until she was invited to participate in the Strong Families project, and after 7 meetings she started treating depression, seeking help and today she managed to help her husband with his alcoholism, got a job and managed to restructure her family.

Pedro Henrique Ramos Bastos is a 12-year-old teenager who, through the Strong Families project, managed to reconnect with his family and improve family life, even more. Dialogue between him, his parents and his younger brother, today everyone participates in the project and other events at the São Marcos chapel.

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