New: Casa Restaura-me in São Paulo launches Podcast

In March, Casa Restaura-me, located in the Brás neighborhood, in São Paulo, was the stage for a special event: the debut of the monthly podcast, which not only aims to entertain, but also offers inspiration and spiritual enrichment to all those seeking comfort and guidance. Under the direction of Leandro and Gumercindo, collaborators at Casa Restaura-me, the attraction promises to be a space for reflection and meaningful sharing.

The premiere featured a special appearance by Cidoca, who shared how her life was transformed by the work of Aliança de Misericórdia and the missionaries. His testimony was moving and touched the hearts of those present.

At his side, Tathy Nogueira, vice-president of the Alliance, enriched the inaugural event, sharing about missionary life and the charisma of the Movement. Together, Cidoca and Tathy conveyed not only personal stories, but also the values and mission that underlie the work of Aliança de Misericórdia.

Restore Me Podcast

Lasting approximately an hour and a half, the podcast was recorded in the TV room of Casa Restaura-me, in the presence of 50 special guests: homeless brothers, cared for on site, whose participation brought an even deeper dimension to the event . Furthermore, the live broadcast on the local radio station inside the house expanded the reach of this moment. The initiative is scheduled to take place once a month, always on the day the month's birthdays are celebrated at the House. With specific themes for each edition, it aims to establish itself as a source of inspiration for all visitors to the venue.

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