Step by Step: Learn how to declare your 2023 Income Tax

Do you have questions about how to declare income tax? Calm down, we will help you!

The 2023 Income Tax declaration process is simple! But it takes a lot of attention when filling in the data, avoiding information errors and the possibility of falling into the fine mesh. So, see how you can make your declaration in the best possible way through this step by step:

  1. Separate the documentation

Before starting the IR declaration, it is essential to gather and organize all the documents that will be used when filling out the form. Have your personal documents, income statement, proof of medical expenses, application extracts, private pension extract, proof of teaching expenses, health plan documentation, card extract and donation receipt.

  1. Access the IRS system 

If you filed in the previous year, it is likely that you have a copy of the file saved or a printed version. So this file makes it easy to update the current statement. However, if it is done for the first time, you will need to access the IRPF system, available for download on your computer or cell phone. Access the website of IRS.

  1. Select the type of declaration

After installing the program, it's time to start filling. It is necessary that you choose one of the available options, you will be able to create a statement, import data from the previous IRPF and import the one that is pre-filled. After selecting the declaration model, you need to fill in or update the fields with your personal data, such as CPF, full name and voter registration. After this step, it is necessary to declare the expenses and income in the previous year. 

  1. Choose between full and simplified declaration 

While filling out the form you must select between the complete and simplified IR declaration. During filling, the system will indicate the best option for your needs.

  1. Fill in the fields 

Next, you need to fill in the fields with the requested information: personal data, list of dependents, taxable income, exempt and non-taxable income, payments and donations.

  1. Review to avoid setbacks

Before submitting the income tax return, it is essential to review the information. When submitting, you may be asked for bank information to receive your IR refund, if necessary.

Now you know how to declare income tax.



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