ALLEA olive oil: inspiration and social transformation in Barbacena

The Alliance of Mercy is proud to present the ALLEA olive oil, a product that goes beyond a refined and unique flavor: it is a symbol of hope and opportunity for those who need it most. Produced in Sacred Heart Shelter of Jesus, in Barbacena (MG), ALLEA Olive Oil is the result of a project that directly benefits 32 homeless people.

The Casa de Acolhida do Sagrado Coração de Jesus is one of the 9 houses maintained by the Alliance, which seeks to offer welcome and opportunities for those who face adversities such as drug addiction, abandonment and social vulnerability. There, those welcomed follow a path of personal reconstruction, through therapeutic, community and training activities, aiming at social reintegration and the recovery of self-esteem and personal values.

ALLEA Olive Oil is the result of a long process of cultivation and care. With around 2 thousand olive trees cultivated in the region over eight years, the project reached its conclusion third harvest in 2024. The olives are harvested and sent to a nearby farm to extract the oil, with the active participation of employees and those hosted at Casa em Barbacena.

However, keeping this project running requires investment. With an annual cost of approximately 43 thousand reais, Aliança seeks to make the project self-sustainable and generating employment opportunities for those served. To do this, it counts on the help and support of the community.

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Those who wish to contribute to this project can become monthly godparents and win a exclusive bottle of ALLEA Olive Oil from the 2024 harvest. In addition to appreciating a product of exceptional quality, supporters will be promoting welcome and opportunities for homeless people! The 50 first people to support the initiative with a monthly donation starting at R$100.00.

More than a simple olive oil, ALLEA represents a commitment to social transformation and the construction of a fairer and more supportive world. Support this cause and make a difference in the lives of those who need it most!

To become a monthly sponsor or for more information, contact (11) 99509-2097.

Together we can make the difference!

Find out more about the projects maintained by Aliança de Misericórdia, visit

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