Conscious Income Tax: Contribution That Transforms Lives

Brazil, with its more than 11 thousand favelas and around 16 million people living in them, faces complex challenges, especially in the most vulnerable areas of large cities. But did you know that companies that calculate Income Tax based on real profit have the chance to direct up to 1% of the amount owed to social causes? This gesture not only alleviates the tax burden, but also translates into quality education, development opportunities and hope for those who need it most.

This is why the Alliance of Mercy highlights the importance of Conscious Income Tax as a powerful tool for social transformation, because, while many see tax declaration as a fiscal obligation, we see it as a unique opportunity to promote a positive impact on the community. And you can be part of this initiative by collaborating with the 2024 actions, choosing right now where your IR should go.

In this context, the Alliance presents the project Early Childhood Education Center (CEI) São Miguel Arcanjo, an initiative that has been transforming reality in Favela do Moinho, in the center of São Paulo, for a decade. This space offers quality education to 100 children aged 0 to 5 in situations of risk and social vulnerability, providing enriching learning, awakening interest in reading and guaranteeing access to the processes of appropriation, renewal and articulation of knowledge.

In Favela do Moinho, where more than 40% of households have an income of less than two minimum wages and less than 40% have reached secondary and primary education, CEI São Miguel becomes a vital differentiator. Having resisted for more than three decades and surviving two fires, the region is home to more than 5 thousand people, with 51% of households depending on income transfer programs.

IR Consciente Seal: How can I collaborate?

By choosing Aliança de Misericórdia as a destination to direct up to 1% of Income Tax due, companies not only fulfill their fiscal responsibilities, but also become agents of change in a community like Moinho, which needs it so much.

The process is simple: companies with real profit can contact us by email to learn more about how to contribute and the tax benefits involved.

By joining this initiative, companies have the opportunity to earn the IR Consciente Seal, as well as their Corporate Social Responsibility. This is not just recognition, but an affirmation of the company's commitment to social responsibility, positively differentiating it in the market.

The Aliança de Misericórdia highlights that this contribution goes beyond the fiscal aspect. Companies become an active part in eradicating poverty, promoting quality education and reducing inequalities, directly contributing to the sustainable development of the local community.

Invest in the Future: Be Part of the Change By choosing Aliança de Misericórdia as their Income Tax destination, companies are not just investing in a project; they are investing in the future of children and families who yearn for opportunity. Join us on this journey of hope and build a better future for everyone!

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