SASF Crochet Workshop promotes autonomy and well-being

In the Jaraguá neighborhood, in the city of São Paulo, the Family Social Assistance and Basic Social Protection Service at Home (SASF) Centro Maria Paola, part of the Aliança de Misericórdia network of social projects, has made a difference in the lives of many people, especially through their crochet workshops.

Hernandete Oliveira de Jesus is a living example of the positive impact that SASF has on the community. Upon arriving at the project, Hernandete faced serious emotional problems and low self-esteem, worsened by family and personal difficulties. However, through the crochet workshop, taught by workshop teacher Cleide Aparecida Chagas, she found a new perspective on life.

Crochet workshops take place on Tuesdays, with beginner classes from 9am to 11am and advanced classes from 1pm to 3pm, with around 10 students. These activities, which are ongoing, offer more than just manual skill; they provide tranquility, peace and an extra source of income for the participants.

Hernandete shares her experience: “It was a little difficult, at first I was very reluctant, but I managed to join. The classes can offer me tranquility, peace, I feel better and I'm earning money. This amount helps with my expenses. I almost feel like a businesswoman (laughs)! I don’t want to stop, I want to learn more!”.

SASF Centro Maria Paola

O SASF Centro Maria Paola aims to strengthen the protective function of the family, prevent the disruption of family and social ties, and promote the autonomy of individuals. Home visits carried out by the service are essential for preventing future problems and for agreeing with families on the best activities for each member.

With a dedicated team of social workers, psychologists and pedagogues, SASF provides its users with an expansion of knowledge, guidance and support, in addition to income generation workshops and socio-educational meetings. These actions are essential for encouraging users and strengthening social and community ties.

+ SASF celebrates Mother's Day and promotes action on child protection

Although there are currently no vacancies open for new participants in the crochet workshop, those interested must contact the service to register. The transformation in Hernandete's life is just one of the many success stories that emerge from the dedicated work of SASF Centro Maria Paola, reaffirming the importance of Aliança de Misericórdia in building a warm and effective support network for families in situations of social vulnerability .

In this “Parte de Nós” program, learn more about the project and Hernandete’s life story:

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